who are canvas

CANVAS are a Youth Arts Committee based at The Grainstore, dlr’s Youth Arts Facility. Since August 2009 CANVAS have been exploring ways of developing creative projects for both themselves and their peers. They are increasingly involved in programming at The Grainstore and insuring that this programming is what young people are looking for. They organise gigs, exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and a whole lot more. CANVAS is a voluntary committee of young people between the ages of 13 and 25. They do all this work in their own time. They do it because they enjoy it and they want to encourage more young people to get involved.

Every year, they run "The Long Road To Longitude" Battle of the Bands, where the winners get to play at Longitude. They are in charge of organising the logistics for the three winning acts and of course they also get to go themselves!

GrainstoreCANVAS  are supported by the Grainstore Co-ordinator Jane Purcell with dlr’s Youth Arts Programme, Email:, PH: 086 026 6617 or 01 204 7979



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